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Best Education Malaysia (BEM) provides language classes for adults. We have our specially-designed module for professionals across different industries, including business, finance, legal, IT, insurance and healthcare. You may also request for tailor-made syllabus, based on your needs & preferences. 

The founder was a Mandarin-English interpreter for the largest interpretation & translation company in the world based in California. Her clients ranging from financial institutions, brokerage firm, information technology company to  the law enforcement authority, 911 Emergency and the US judiciary.

Her experience as an interpreter ignited her passion in language and determination to connect people with the power of language. 

 Her experience as an interpreter ignited her passion in language and determination to connect people with the power of language. She has found motivation in helping many to pursue their goal and achieve their success. 

In an international conference held in China, a big data analyst who was delegated as a Malaysia representative, was able to socialize with other participants in Mandarin.

A Senior Consultant successfully landed a job in Singapore that comes with a mandatory requirement of Mandarin knowledge. 

Jesselyn also tailored her lessons to the needs of an actor who intends to venture into the Chinese film industry.   

MCO Special

Learn Mandarin in 2 Weeks (Online Live Classes)
per package
  • Fundamental of Phonetic "Pinyin"
  • Grammar & Vocabulary
  • Complex Sentences
  • Mandarin Expression
  • Basic courtesy in Daily Life & Workplace

Kick Start Mandarin

Semi-Intensive Program
(Physical + Online Live Classes)
RM 5XX per package
  • Exciting New Ahead!
  • Certification provided upon completion​
selling fast

Speak to Elevate

Satisfaction Guaranteed Program
Help you to achieve your career goal
  • Exciting News Ahead!
  • Certification provided upon completion

Our Objectives

Help individuals to increase their employability
Boost profitability of your business
Expand your client base

Why join our Online Mandarin Class - Free Trial

We Guarantee Results

We understand everyone is busy. So we provide 2 weeks,
1 month and 3 months program to fit your timing and learning purpose, be it for work purpose or leisure travel.

Effective Language Teaching Method introduced from California

We introduce the proven most effective teaching method from California and formulate and implement innovative strategies that are practical to fit your needs. This method has been widely adopted in schools and universities in Beijing, Shanghai, California, New York and many other big cities around the world.

Real Time Guidance

We also offer Online Live Classes where our trainers will be providing your real time guidance by instantly pointing out your mistakes and correcting you.
Our Trainers are also accessible during non-class time by WhatsApp.

Interactive Learning in Small Group

Interactive language learning is the best kind of language learning. As a breakthrough of traditional Mandarin teaching that can be monotonous , we developed various activities and incorporate it into our program. It is proven an effective learning method for learners to grasp the knowledge more efficiently.

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Feel free to WhatsApp at 016-8313568 should you have any question.

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More Testimonials

Good people. Good words.

Very lively teaching. I am able to learn and grasp better with the activities we had in class. Now I am excited to have my Mandarin clas!
Marianne, Actress
Very clear and concise explanations
Jarren, Project Manager
I like the part where we can share the images, easier to catch what the teacher is trying to convey. Also, your teaching is really good, easy to understand and I liked that u made sure all of us try, and practice.
Hannah, Teacher
Amazing class. Content wise, really good, I learnt a lot. It was really interactive
Binder, Lawyer
Kuala Lumpur

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